Rep. Mark Levine

Rep. Mark Levine

Rep. Mark Levine

Mark Levine has been a proud resident of Old Town Alexandria since 2001, when he fell in love with this area’s long history, thriving and diverse atmosphere, and the beautiful Potomac River.

Mark has a record of crafting progressive legislation at the local, state, and federal level that spans three decades. He is unique among the candidates in this race for this particular skill-set and experience. Mark is dedicated to turning the progressive ideals of our community into laws that help people and advance justice.

Serving as both precinct captain for the Alexandria Democratic Committee and Voter Protection Attorney for the Virginia Democratic Party, Mark has worked every single year to help elect Democratic candidates. Mark asks for your vote to represent you in Virginia’s House of Delegates in the Democratic Primary on June 9th.

Background and Experience

Harvard University; Yale Law School; Fulbright Scholar

Attorney, Hughes Hubbard & Reed LLP

Legislative Counsel for Democratic Congressman Barney Frank

Host, Inside Scoop, syndicated public policy radio program heard on 43 stations nationwide

Alexandria Democratic Committee Precinct Captain; Virginia Democratic Party Voter Protection Attorney combating GOP voter suppression